No, you’re just playing hard to get.

You can’t make me sleep down there, or anywhere, in fact. Since when have you appointed yourself as the 8oss of me? I manage perfectly fine on my own, thank you!!!!!!!!

As well as my warm and comforting companionship. 

If that is what you would like to 8elieve I certainly would not want to stifle such cre8tivity on your part.

You know that when you are staying with someone it is generally agreed upon that you are to follow the rules and instructions given to you 8y whosoever runs the hivehold. In this particular case, that would 8e me. If I see fit to have you sleeping with the scum of the seas, then you should gladly o8lige me.

Is that what you call it? 


You know you love me, Mindfang. Your 8lood pusher yeaaaaaaaarns for me every single second that I’m not in your presence. And we 8oth know that 8eyond the tough front you put up, you enjoy all the time we spend together. This should 8e no exception. 

You wouldn’t.

It was never your intention, no, 8ut now you wouldn’t have it any other way. >:::;)

Do I, now? This is all coming as news to me, in fact, this is the very first I am hearing of such occurrences. Are you quite certain that you do not have me mistaken for someone else, my dear descendant?  Or are you simply putting words into my mouth?

It remains an availa8le option. 

If only for the fact that you seem to know 8etter than to completely interrupt my sleep. 


Yes’m! Either way, I have no reason to 8elieve that this will not 8e an interesting and rewarding experience. Don’t you agree????????


I’ve told you how uncomforta8le they are, and I thought that it was preeeeeeeetty much a given that I’d sneak into your 8edroom after hours to pass out there, anyway.

Interesting, yes. Rewarding? That is all heaving dependent on our personal definitions of the word in question. 

It could 8e worse you know- I could have you sleeping down where we keep all of the prisoners, left with nothing 8etween the floor and yourself save for the clothes on your 8ack.

I assure you however that it was never my intention for you to worm your way into my sleeping cham8ers uninvited. 


Oh The Same Way Old Flames Tend To

Youre Vriskas Ancestor Correct

Its A Pleasure To Meet You

I Think 

I am indeed her ancestor, as you are the descendant of the Dolorosa, I do 8elieve. 

The pleasure is all mine. There is no need to 8e so unsure; I am not some uncivilized 8rute of a Gam8lignant that cannot hold her end of a convers8tion you know. 


With the gr8 and mysterious Marquise Spinneret Mindfang, who knows? This could 8e yet another game to see how 8othered you can get me without actually doing anything.

I suppose we’ll find out when I crawl in your 8ed tonight.

Perhaps. Or it could 8e a str8forward admission. Whatever you allow yourself to 8elieve will just have to 8e determined when we come to it. I see you remain unsatisfied with the provided sleeping arrangements. The 8edrolls are not comforta8le enough for you, hmm?

undeadauxiliatrix started following you

Good evening, child. How has the night 8een treating you thus far? 


Are you trying to suggest something.

I could ask you the same thing. 

8efore you spout off some nonsense a8out having asked me first- yes. 

This could all 8e construed as me suggesting something. 



I see you liking things over there.

Yes that appears to 8e the case. 

Hey hey heeeeeeeey!!!!!!!! How are you doing, Mindfang?

==> Hug her, albeit more gently and calmly than last time.

At this point even I am not sure. Let us just say that I was doing just fine up until now.

You grab one of her arms, leaving the silent threat that you could pull her away once more. But while she’s being stubborn like this you may as well let her get the hug in she apparently desires so much. 

==> Cliiiiiiiings.

And here she was. You grab her arms and carefully detangle the clinging azureblood from you. 

Hello, Vriska.